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About Me

I am an Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach, Trainer, Kanban/Scrumban Facilitator and Scrum Master.

Interestingly enough I came to what I do today from the Programming side of IT and not Project Management. I’ve been in IT since the 1980’s doing Waterfall, Unified Process and various flavors of Agile.  My roles have gone from Developer to Architect and Software Development Manager.  I use this experience to grow teams and leaders to achieve improved business results for their organizations.  My foundation is Agile Principles and Practices but in addition to those I bring in ideas from Lean Development, to drive organizational and process improvement, ideas from eXtreme Programming and the Software Craftsmanship movement to drive improved technical acumen and ideas from Kanban to improve feature flow.

A bit of trivia: I am actually first Agile Coach to train and advise the as well as the IT development teams.

Companies I have helped using Agile Development include Sabre Holdings, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Dell, Press Ganey, The Broadlane Group and AT&T.

CSM-BadgeCertified Scrum Master since 2006.

You can find me here:
Twitter: @updikedave


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